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Plant-Based Cuisine for a Painter’s Studio

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Every day at lunch-time, the team at Studio Katharina Grosse takes the time to sit down together and share plant-based family-style dishes.
After one year of daily dining the studio’s British chef, Helen Russell Brown, and the German artist, Katharina Grosse decided to create a book to share their food journey and inspire us.
In this beautiful small pocket cookbook with a very unusual, partially hand-crafted binding, they have compiled an assortment of their most loved flavours and techniques on themed recipe spreads, juxtaposing them with behind-the- scenes photographs taken at Katharina Grosse’s studio spaces.
Each themed recipe spread offers colourful and delicious meals that can by made at home, with fold-out pages containing additional dishes, information or tips: a toolkit for building your own mouth-watering combinations of tastes and textures.

Sold out


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