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About 10 years ago, in 2008, we opened do you read me?! as a space fully dedicated to printed matter. Think of your favourite bookstore, with a well curated assortment of books and some magazines and newspapers on the side, but turned upside down. That’s about it. Fashion, photography and art, architecture, interior and design, illustration, graphic design and typography, cultural matters and society. We (almost) have it all! 

Together with Glein Atelier in Vienna we designed a subtle version of our infamous tote bag made of finest Italian Vacchetta leather with an incredible soft and natural touch. Vegetable-tanned in Santa Croce and handmade by a family run workshop in Croatia, every bag of this limited edition is a piece of its own, darkening over time and thus developing its unique character. A true companion for everyday life.

Egal ob über Protest, die Wiederverzauberung der Welt, ein Leben im Konjunktiv oder die Bedeutung von Irrelevanz, die Epilog hat sich durch und durch dem letzten Wort verschrieben. Mit ‘Wird schon schiefgehen. Große Pläne’ geht sie in eine neue Runde. Zeit also, ein paar Fragen an die Macher hinter dem Gesellschaftsmagazin für Gegenwartskultur zu stellen.

Eure neueste Ausgabe trägt den Titel „Wird schon schiefgehen. Große Pläne“. Wirft man aber einen Blick auf die gegenwärtige politische und gesellschaftliche Lage, hat man eher den Eindruck, dass hier niemand wirklich viel Plan von irgendetwas hat. Kann denn überhaupt noch die Rede sein von großen Plänen in einer immer komplexer werdenden Zeit?

Ich glaube, wir reden uns auch ganz schön ein, dass alles komplexer wird. Vielleicht sollten wir uns da mal locker machen. Trotzdem finden gerade Veränderungen statt, von denen wir noch nicht absehen können, was sie morgen bringen werden. Offensichtlich gelingt es Ländern wie China ganz gut, große Pläne wie die neue Seidenstraße umzusetzen. Ob die Art und Weise und das politische System dort den demokratischen Gesellschaften nun gefällt oder gefallen muss, sei dahingestellt. Davon abgesehen ist die Frage nach großen Plänen auch immer die Frage der Skalierung: Wann ist ein Plan wirklich groß?

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Interview mit Fabian Ebeling - Die Epilog

Interview mit Fabian Ebeling – Die Epilog

Egal ob über Protest, die Wiederverzauberung der Welt, ein Leben im Konjunktiv, die Bedeutung von Irrelevanz oder ob über die Generationenfrage, die Epilog lässt alte Kamellen (u.a. die großen Fragen der Menschheit) in neuem Licht erstrahlen. Sie bereitet ihrem Namen alle Ehre und schafft es regelmässig große, bereits immer dagewesene Themen nicht nur anders zu denken, sondern ihnen immer auch etwas Positives abzugewinnen. Das Gesellschaftsmagazin für Gegenwartskultur, das bei ein, zwei (drei, vier…) Bier in einer Eckkneipe in Weimar aus den synaptischen Kurzschlüssen zwischen Mads Pankow, Viola K. Steinberg und Fabian Ebeling entstand, geht in eine neue Runde. Zeit also, ein paar Fragen an die Macher hinter der Die Epilog zu stellen.

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Interview with Indhira Rojas - Anxy Magazine

Interview with Indhira Rojas – Anxy Magazine

We have been spoilt for choice when it came to choose our next interview partner among all these brave, quirky, loud, shy, straight women out there. ‘Big time whining’ indeed! We are all the more pleased that we’ve got founder and creative director of Anxy Magazine, Indhira Rojas, for our second Q&A. In fact, for us it’s like a catch 22 – only in a far more positive manner. With a little help from Indhira we managed to find a way to address both sides of the story: what it means to be a woman and a man these days and far more important, how these notions of gender categories affect and conflict our inner worlds.

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Interview with Vala Thorodds - Pain Magazine

Interview with Vala Thorodds – Pain Magazine

The easiest way to get right to the bottom of things is – naturally – playing ‚Truth and Dare‘. So let’s start with bare facts. You think poetry is rather dusty, quixotic or charming as moulded grey bread? No worries, you don’t have to say your answer out loud. Frankly, we (almost) all have been there. But we have to break it to you: The natural evolution of the lyrical section on our shelves almost clandestinely multiplied itself over the last few years. And this is not the only thing to say about this art form currently experiencing a fulminant renaissance. The revival of poems comes along fresh, colorful, innovative and – definitely worth to mention – the fellows who are falling for lyrical rhythms, getting lost in-between the lines are as vivid and young as their thrilled audience. And still, as Poetry Magazine (launched in 1912!) names the elephant in the room already within its title: Who reads poetry? We thought it would be a smart move to choose ‚Dare‘ and asked one of the most dazzling voices of this new poetry wave and the co-editor of Pain Magazine: Vala Thorodds.

(mehr …)

Benji Knewman #10 2019

Benji Knewman #10

I don't read terms and conditions
What do you know about Latvia? In case you’re only aware of the name and approximate geographical location (don’t worry, many of us were too), Benji Knewman comes just in time. Celebrating its 5th anniversary, the magazine turns the attention to its home town Riga, showing a bandwidth of art, culture, and architecture as well as „The Riga that wasn’t“. Switching around the usual way of defining a city, they focus on the things that not happened in Riga with detailed reports about planned building developments that never took place due to unfavorable circumstances. And though these are all sights you can not visit and marvel at (since they do not exist), this magazine will make you put Riga on top of your places-to-visit-list.  Buy
The Strange Order of Things - N. Du Pasquier

The Strange Order of Things

Nathalie du Pasquier
Famous as a designer and founding member of the Memphis Group, not many know that Nathalie Du Pasquier's main medium became painting, and that since 35 years. For Nathalie Du Pasquier, the boundaries between design and art are fluid. Easily navigating between pattern, textile, ceramics, and painting, she lets shapes, spaces and forms correlate. Her use of colour is unparalleled. ‘The strange order of things’, the publication of an exhibition with the same name at Pace Gallery in Seoul shows more than 30 paintings, drawings, and ceramic objects, accompanied with quotes by the artist and carefully arranged to investigate her work's relation to space. Buy
Zeen - Scheltens & Abbenes

Zeen – Scheltens & Abbenes

Louise Schouwenberg
There are books that you could keep browsing forever or at least until your thumb starts bleeding. Paint flooded trashcans crossing yummy arranged breakfast tables, Raf Simons shirts dancing next to the beauty of perfectly cut paper edges, a bright clean and sharp portray of a small Paco Rabanne fragrance bottle morphing into textile scapes, a golden dress and stainless steel, fluffy whool and a time capsule of moving glimmer. Freshly squeezed out from their retrospective ‘ZEEN’ at Foam Amsterdam in 2019, the book accompanying the exhibition is a zoom into the world of Dutch photography couple Scheltens & Abbenes. With page filling glossy images, this catalogue comes not with essays but as a kaleidoscopic Tour de Force of glimpses into textures, patterns, forms and objects, allowing for new associations between Scheltens & Abbenes huge body of work. The sticky melting feeling of this compact book is a treat in itself, so the feast of material is not only to be found in content but also in the form. Buy

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Apartamento Cookbook Launch and Signing

Apartamento Cookbook Launch and Signing

Friday, November 9, at 7 pm
Apartamento Magazine and do you read me?!, together with German artist Stefan Marx, warmly invite you to join us in celebrating the release of Apartamento’s latest cookbook on Friday, November 9, at 7 pm. Since 2016, Apartamento has invited the world’s best chefs, food lovers, and culinary taste makers to contribute to a series of annual cookbooks. Each edition is based around a specific theme, and this year the book provides a fresh take on a global staple: the humble grain of rice. Stefan Marx has accompanied each of the 16 recipes with his weirdly adorable drawings. Come around, hang out and grab your signed copy by artist Stefan Marx. Apartamento will be donating 20% of all profits made from sales of the book to a local charity in Barcelona, so the evening will also be in support of a good cause. We look forward to seeing you there! Buy