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In the past 10 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Design by Accident

Design by Accident. For a New History of Design

⁣Alexandra Midal
Design curators, -critics, and -academics often cry over themselves and lament that design has not managed to establish an independent field like architecture or art. Of course everybody sees design as essential nowadays, but its vague characteristics make it difficult to place. Meandering between functional, artistic, engineering, styling, problem solving, experimentation, research, trend, and expression it is neither art nor science. It is heavily abused by marketing but it is far from being just styling.⁠⁣ ⁣Alexandra Midal wants to set things straight by shaping a history for this young discipline, that was thought by some to be just a fade in architecture. She links and compares theories, manifestoes, and essays to gather a critical study that hopefully will lead to clarification and a long needed emancipation of design.⁠⁣ Buy
San Rocco #15 Spring 2019

San Rocco

Last Issue
‚This is not a call for papers!‘ Saying goodbye by dedicating its (literal) latest issue to the meaning of death in architecture and beyond can hardly be done more gracefully. Alas, after almost one decade working in print business and 15 released issues, San Rocco’s brilliant architectural endeavor comes to an end. We are not only going to miss its elegant, monochromatic cover design on our shelves but also its crisscrossing, interdisciplinary approach to lampoon architectural matters in - an ever delighting intellectual way! Not to mention San Rocco's dazzling titles as ‚Fuck Concepts! Contexts!’, ‚Monks and Monkeys!‘ or simply ‚Pure Beauty‘. R.I.P. and Buon viaggio! P.S.: As the dead don’t 'really' die, you can always browse our last paper back-issues of San Rocco or buy already sold out issues online as digital reincarnations here.
Diagrams of Power

Diagrams of Power

Visualizing, Mapping and Performing Resistance
Most likely diagrams and maps radiate a certain matter-of-factness, a narrative that in itself seems to be unquestionable. Not this time! The critical artworks and performances selected by curator Patricio Dávila turn the visualized assemblies of data, often used as an subtle instrument of power, inside out. The showcased projects, accompanied by pictures, diagrams and interviews in the book Diagrams of Power: Visualizing, Mapping, and Performing Resistance convince particularly through the simplicity of the ideas behind them: unmasking diagrams' underlying supposed truth and re-structuring it in one way or another (and there are plenty ways of resistance from within shown here!). Not only this publication by Onomatopee will make Deleuzian hearts beat faster but showing the immense power of grassroots practices for social change. Buy
Closing Ceremony #2 2019

Closing Ceremony #2

Torbjørn Rødland's photograph gracing the cover of Closing Ceremony’s 2nd issue 'Americano‘ delivers what the photo magazine from Shanghai promises: A not-to-serious and yet, incredible sincere, smirking observation on the emotional rollercoaster American culture finds itself in, splitting a country to the utmost. For its latest issue the editors behind Closing Ceremony (Same Paper) bring together the work of 10 US-based photographers who picture their inner perspective and experience of their - chosen or not - home country. The result is a haunting and touching imaginary, a diverse portray of American people and their daily lives. Alongside comes the 'Amazine', a photography zine reflecting on the worlds most holy religion of these days, consumerism, provided best by global big player Amazon. This issue may not make America great again as the Doppelgänger of the cover is wishing for, but instead it serves as reality check, giving a resonant voice to an America which is as diverse as its inhabitants. Buy
Club Sandwich #3 2019

Club Sandwich #3

The Pickle Issue
Mysterious forces are said to the miniature version of the cucumber. Whether as substantive indicator for pregnancy, as unbeatable hangover cure or as ultimate super power source for athletes the inconspicuous pickle is much more than a nutrition booster. In it's latest issue the annual Club Sandwich Magazine has looked deeper in the jar - and came across some rather kooky, unconventional facets and facts about the cornichon. From Austrian artist Erwin Wurm who preferably portraits himself as gherkin in all shapes and sizes, to legendary Henry J. Heinz who became the king of ketchup on behalf of the pickle and the hashtag #touchthepickle as symbol of the women's liberation in India - just to recall some facts of the extraordinary cultural and historical implication which slumber within this immortal vegetable. Thus, Club Sandwich easily joins our magazine shelf of curiosities right by the side of Macguffin, Science of the Secondary and F Food. Culture - to name only a few of our favourite monothematic feasts. Buy
Interview with Kai von Rabenau - mono.kultur

Interview with Kai von Rabenau – mono.kultur

The small independent fan-zine (DIN A5) from Berlin, with an even smaller lettering (8.5 pt), has been delighting its loyal readers for over 13 years. While some conduct an interview, mono.kultur takes the art of dialogue to the extreme with its extended question-answer game. The idea behind is simple: one issue, one artist, one interview. Right on time for the latest issue with fashion designer Iris van Herpen we met Kai von Rabenau, the driving force behind mono.kultur, to talk about the subtle art of an interview. In order to not be embarrassed in front of the master of vis-à-vis, we asked our questions à la carte. So from now on the rule is: one card, one question - following the motto ‘Play it as it lays’. More
Benji Knewman #10 2019

Benji Knewman #10

I don't read terms and conditions
What do you know about Latvia? In case you’re only aware of the name and approximate geographical location (don’t worry, many of us were too), Benji Knewman comes just in time. Celebrating its 5th anniversary, the magazine turns the attention to its home town Riga, showing a bandwidth of art, culture, and architecture as well as „The Riga that wasn’t“. Switching around the usual way of defining a city, they focus on the things that not happened in Riga with detailed reports about planned building developments that never took place due to unfavorable circumstances. And though these are all sights you can not visit and marvel at (since they do not exist), this magazine will make you put Riga on top of your places-to-visit-list.  Buy
Design Miami/ Basel

Design Miami/ Basel

do you read me?! Satellite Store at Design Miami/ Basel 10–16th June, 2019
For this year’s Design Miami/ Basel we already packed our suitcases – better, millions of stacked boxes – with finest printed matter to thwart the culture caravan for a little read. Among priceless art pieces and design objects you will find our little satellite store played together with Kodoji Press in the foyer of Hall 1 Süd at Messeplatz Basel just opposite of Art Basel’s Unlimited. Luckily, you don’t even need a ticket to visit us and needless to say that we will be delighted to see you on-site. We've already had some exclusive book signing's with sculptor Joep van Lieshout from the Dutch artist collective, Atelier Van Lieshout and more coming up. So don't miss out and drop by ...
The Strange Order of Things - N. Du Pasquier

The Strange Order of Things

Nathalie du Pasquier
Famous as a designer and founding member of the Memphis Group, not many know that Nathalie Du Pasquier's main medium became painting, and that since 35 years. For Nathalie Du Pasquier, the boundaries between design and art are fluid. Easily navigating between pattern, textile, ceramics, and painting, she lets shapes, spaces and forms correlate. Her use of colour is unparalleled. ‘The strange order of things’, the publication of an exhibition with the same name at Pace Gallery in Seoul shows more than 30 paintings, drawings, and ceramic objects, accompanied with quotes by the artist and carefully arranged to investigate her work's relation to space. Buy
Zeen - Scheltens & Abbenes

Zeen – Scheltens & Abbenes

Louise Schouwenberg
There are books that you could keep browsing forever or at least until your thumb starts bleeding. Paint flooded trashcans crossing yummy arranged breakfast tables, Raf Simons shirts dancing next to the beauty of perfectly cut paper edges, a bright clean and sharp portray of a small Paco Rabanne fragrance bottle morphing into textile scapes, a golden dress and stainless steel, fluffy whool and a time capsule of moving glimmer. Freshly squeezed out from their retrospective ‘ZEEN’ at Foam Amsterdam in 2019, the book accompanying the exhibition is a zoom into the world of Dutch photography couple Scheltens & Abbenes. With page filling glossy images, this catalogue comes not with essays but as a kaleidoscopic Tour de Force of glimpses into textures, patterns, forms and objects, allowing for new associations between Scheltens & Abbenes huge body of work. The sticky melting feeling of this compact book is a treat in itself, so the feast of material is not only to be found in content but also in the form. Buy
Dirty Hands - Atelier van Lieshout

Dirty Hands

Atelier van Lieshout
Since 1995 the group around sculptor Joep van Lieshout is famously known for transforming abstract concepts into the material world. The outcome this time is a book about their own working methods. Let’s say, they hit the nail on the head! Holding Dirty Hands for the first time in your hands, you cannot but sense its physical dimensions. This compact, unpretentious pictorial manual gives hitherto unseen perspectives into the rough and multidisciplinary world of the Dutch artist collective behind Studio Atelier Van Lieshout. Not only it is a story about faith in human strength, the transformative power of bare hands, combined with raw materials, but also, as the words written on the back of the book already set the pace, ‘Mess foam knife foam stick saw paper hammer grinder welder grinder…’ Dirty Hands is a story about endlessly intervening within the given, advocating a work which will always be in progress. Buy
Nature: Collaborations in Design - Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial

Nature: Collaborations in Design

Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial
Designers always have used natural materials, thinking of wood, stones, clay. With mass production, however, mass exploitation and destruction became an indispensable part of the design world. ‘Nature: Collaborations in Design’, the catalogue of the sixth Cooper Hewitt Design Triennal, mirrors the profound awareness of designers, that it is time to change the paradigm. In seven chapters - Understand, Simulate, Salvage, Facilitate, Augment, Remediate, and Nurture - designers collaborate with specialists stirred by the desire for a more holistic approach and regenerative future. Together with biologists, engineers, agriculturists, and environmentalists the contributors rethink design processes and anticipate future challenges. They let algae cultivate pre-shaped materials, rain create pattern structures, or salt crystals grow whole stools. And by that undergo the ultimate collaboration - the one with nature itself. Buy
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