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In the past 10 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

The Art Lover's Guide to Japanese Museums

The Art Lover’s Guide to Japanese Museums

This ultimate guide for Art Lovers and Museum Flâneurs is a hymn to the wonderful, weird, traditional, futuristic, and crafty museums of Japan. But as always in Japan, it is not only the exhibitions and collections that are intriguing but the museums themselves already worth the visit. From enchanting places to sensational architecture one could spend the whole trip just in museums - with the occasional stop for ramen, soba, and ⁠izakaya of course... Buy
A Dictionary of Color Combinations

A Dictionary of Color Combinations

The Dictionary of Color Combinations is probably one of the most beautiful books we ever held in our hands. After it has been sold out for a long time, we finally have it back in stock and are mesmerized as before.⁠ The pocket size jewel offers 348 color combinations based on Sanzo Wada's original 6-volume work from the 1930s. Wada was ahead of his time in developing traditional Japanese and Western influenced colour combinations, helping to lay the foundations for contemporary colour research. The compositions of two, three, and four tones could not be more intriguing and with its index registering the CMYK code of every shade used it is an indispensable tool for every designer.⁠ Buy
Matto #3 Magazine Launch

Matto #3 Magazine Launch

18th of December
We warmly invite you to the launch of Matto #3. Our last event of the year 2019 presents to you the beautiful and rather new publication Matto - a Paris-based biannual magazine on contemporary art, featuring studio visits and conversations with artists and designers, focused on highlighting those whose creative authenticity translates seamlessly into their own radical craft. In their third issue they also feature two beloved Berliners - fashion designer Kostas Murkudis and photographer Thomas Hauser. The latter will come around as well. So swirl by and check out this striking new star on the sky of independent publishing, drink a beer or tea or just hang out before you all head home for Christmas.   Starting at 6pm December 18th Auguststraße 28, 10117 Berlin
Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The Collector
Want to gift someone with something precious? Since diamonds apparently have blood on them we can suggest you these collectible and rare books as Wolfgang Tillmanns 'Soldiers' or Melanie Bonajo's 'I have a Room with Everything'. Of course your loved one might not be able to wear them on the finger, but in the case of Talisman - a scrapbook filled with artist made temporary tattoos - it's still possible to wear them out.⁠ Ho ho ho – this way for more of to the Holiday Gift Guide
Bad Luck

Bad Luck, Hot Rocks

In the Painted Desert (Yes, that is its actual name!) there are beautiful pieces of petrified wood laying around. And even though they are under protection and shall not be removed by anyone, a lot of visitors can not resist the urge to take one home as souvenir.⁠ But over a thousand people sent their dishonestly obtained trophies back, together with remorseful letters. They tell stories of misfortune, illness, troubles, and even death, that the sender connect directly to their stolen petrified wood. For many, their hope is that by returning these rocks, karma will be restored and good fortune will return to their lives. Unfortunately they can not be put back into the park as wished by many, since this would spoil sights for future research. And so they are put next to a gravel road in one big "conscious pile".⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Bad Luck, Hot Rocks prints a selection of the most intriguing letters of apology accompanied by photographs of pieces from the conscious pile. Buy
Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The greatest gift of all is spending time with your loved ones. And frankly, what is more rememberable than you tucked in your blanket while your parents are sitting next to your bed and reading to you? Exactly! Saying this, we chose some lovely books for the smallest among us. Whether it is 'Fünf fabelhafte Fabeltiere' from the legendary illustrator Tomi Ungerer, the story of our lives told on 100 pages in 'Hundred', inspiring stories of brave women and men who followed their own way as Ella Fitzgerald from the Little People, Big Dreams collection, the 'Karussell der Tiere' pop-up book or the all time favourite Peter Pan? Right then, may the 'Wilde Weihnacht' come! Find more of our Holiday Gift Guide here.
The Museum Is Not Enough

The Museum is Not Enough

"When I was first starting out, I decided to call myself a center.", recalls the Canadian Centre for Architecture. "At the time the choice was clear, but it's only now that I've fully realized what it means not to be a museum. I really think that in our world being a museum is not enough."⁠ ⁠ The bold statement oscillates in the room for a moment until CCA continues: "What I am for is questioning what is going on around me - and uncovering alternatives. I try to act as a frame for making sense of, anticipating, and projecting on the world. I do this by focusing on architecture. (...) Architecture is a way of reading and redefining the present, the society in which we're living and working. But if I want to read the world through architecture, I have to decide what I am looking for."⁠ For the first issue CCA decided on the significance of the archive as a site for the production of new ideas, display strategies in architecture exhibitions, the need for mediation in art, and the impact of the digital in current museum practices.⁠ Buy
Hong Kong Barricades - Lele Saveri

Hong Kong Barricades

Lele Saveri
In October 2014, Lele Saveri was invited to spend a month teaching in China. On his way to take up the post, he made a stop in Hong Kong, where just a few days earlier, one of the first in a series of civil movements had erupted - movements that rocked the status quo in Hong Kong and brought relations between Hong Kong and Beijing into international focus. Saveri spent the whole of his time in Hong Kong documenting this pivotal moment, now known as the Umbrella Revolution. He walked the streets day and night, talking to protestors and taking picture after picture. Collected here are his photographs: of protestors - in masks and helmets, superhero costumes or t-shirts emblazoned with ‚God Save The Queen‘ - of the weird misshapen barricades that began to take over the city’s infrastructure, of tourists and citizens just going about their daily business. Presented alongside a short essay by Hong Kong activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Joshua Wong, this slim volume of striking photographs provides an essential, sometimes disturbing, sometimes alienating document of the beginnings of one of the most important protest movements in modern history - a document made only more powerful in hindsight, as the Hong Kong protests have continued, in the face of ever more brutal retaliation, to demand essential reform of their democratic and human rights. ⁠ Buy
Social Design Cookbook - Attila Bujdoso

Social Design Book

Attila Bujdoso
When Antti Tuomola wanted to open a restaurant in Helsinki back in 2011, he found himself caught up in bureaucracy that did not leave any space for innovation. So he gathered some friends to find a solution to enrich Helsinki's culinary scene without the troubles to open a permanent restaurant and may it be just for one day. As a result 40 people turned their private homes into temporary restaurants for "Restaurant Day", inviting strangers into their kitchen. By 2016 "Restaurant Day" turned into a worldwide cultural event.⁠ But this book is not about "Restaurant Day". "Restaurant Day" is solely exemplary for most of the 18 social design practices and tools explained in this book such as bottom-up, social-city, and smart-citizens. And like in any good cookbook author Attila Bujdoso does not only explain the ingredients and seeks to inspire you, but also gives you the recipes on hand to successfully create your own social projects.⁠ Buy
Some Reading with Almost 30 at do you read me?!

Some Reading with Almost 30 at do you read me?!

28th of November
Because all good things come in threes, we have one more dazzling event for November to announce: the ladies of the Berlin based magazine Almost 30 will swing by to read a bit from their Value issue. Frankly, your biological age doesn't have to be 30 to join us. Since nobody really knows what it actually means to be a grown-up, we think it's best to listen to what it feels like – from day to day - with all its challenges, doubts and beauty. And in case, you're wondering what the new decade will bring - no worries, the magical Lori Haberkorn (Empowerment & Moon Coach) will read the tarot cards for you. When? 7pm, Thursday, 28th of November! Where? Right here in our little shop! What to bring? Frankly, just yourself – and maybe some friends!
Book Signing with Stefan Marx at do you read me?!

Book Signing with Stefan Marx at do you read me?!

23rd of November
Oh girls and boys, we just can't get enough of this guy! The one and only – Stefan Marx – is coming back again. This time he will happily sign his latest book 'Berlin Drawings' for us. It is no secret that Stefan Marx finally moved to Berlin about one and a half years ago and luckily, scribbled down his experience of the capital's hurly-burly and its charismatic inhabitants. Charming as ever, this little book in pink is for Stefan Marx lovers (as we are), Berlin lovers, and for everybody who planned to do her or his Christmas shopping before the 23rd this year! When? 5pm, Saturday, 23rd of November! Where? Right here in our little shop! What to bring? Frankly, just yourself – and maybe some friends!
Tissue Magazine Release at do you read me?!

Tissue Magazine Release at do you read me?!

16th of November
What a blast! Tissue Magazine is back!!! Our friends behind the notorious magazine took their print sabbatical rather seriously. After nearly 5 years N°666 will be finally launched in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Kiev and – surprise, surprise – at do you read me?!⁠ One thing is for sure: The waiting was worthwhile! This issue comes with contributions from Wolfgang Tillmans, Jonathan Messe, among many others, while spotlighting quintessential topics as depression, cryptomining, sauna trance, free radicals and asexuality. In case you want to be one of the lucky few ones and get a copy of this limited edition of only 666 in your fingers, you better drop by and celebrate with us!⁠ ⁠ When? 7pm, Saturday, 16th of November! Where? Right here in our little shop! What to bring? Frankly, just yourself - and maybe some friends! In case you can't be there: pre-order your copy here!
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