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In the past 10 years we had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the amazing people behind the magazines and publications we try to gather in our store for you, we have seen countless covers on our shelves and browsed myriads of pages. In News & Novelties we want to share some of our latest finds and conversations. Find inspiration in our reviews, enjoy some interviews with amazing people and get to know about our latest activities in Berlin and around the globe.

Grow Fruit and Vegetables In Pots

Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Pots

Aaron Bertelsen
If you are in anyway like us, having difficulties to keep even a basil alive on the windowsill, then this book comes just in time to create a small potted garden for this summer. Expert planting advice for growing fruit and vegetables in containers, whether it be a window box or a terracotta pot on a balcony, are accompanied by 50 delicious recipes. Aaron Bertelsen from the renowned English garden Great Dixter guides you through cultivation methods, the pots to be used, gives personal tips on choosing varieties and advice on cultivation and care. This book proves that lack of space is no obstacle to growing what you want to eat. And what could be better than harvesting and cooking home-grown food. Buy
Other Words Schick Toikka

Other Words

Schick Toikka
"Written words are a funny thing. They surround us to an extent that it is almost impossible to escape them, and at the same time they tend to fly under the radar. They are omnipresent, in our streets, on our phones, sometimes even on our skin. We read words all day long and absorb their meaning, processing information, messages, ideas. We do so by looking at letters, but we hardly ever pay attention to their appearance, at least not consciously. And yet letters come in endless different forms, all of which carry meaning and evoke certain emotions and associations - often more so than the words themselves." And still typefaces are mere forms. They release their subliminal power only once their are used. So in a way they are more like a building material, absolutely crucial, but only becoming truly meaningful when people make language visible through them. ⁠That is why the newly released book by German Finnish masters of typography Schick Toikka shows not just their typefaces but interesting examples of how they have been put to use by others - hence the title "Other Words". Font descriptions, design studio introductions, as well as a wonderful preface written by Florian Hardwig, which we quoted above, turn this book into a reference book of a different kind. By featuring tons of type samples as well as works and collaborations with designers and artist that engage with Schick Toikka letterforms in visually and contextually interesting ways, the publication, created as a part of Schick Toikka's exhibition at Helsinki Design Museum, honers the ways in which fonts can be used.⁠⠀ Buy
Dummy #66 2020

Dummy #66 2020

At a time when mental health concerns are increasing and people are worried about their jobs, their lives and their loved ones, it may be easier to distract yourself with something light. But Dummy decided to talk about suicide. To be correct, the issue was actually already finished when the Corona pandemic hit Europe hard. So what now? Wrong time to talk about suicide? In Germany about ten thousand people end their lives every year - that's the population of a small German town. As difficult as this subject is, it is important to report on it. Especially in these times. Because we have to live with this topic.⁠ Buy
Slanted #35 2020 - Los Angeles

Slanted #35 2020

Los Angeles
It is the city of hustlers and suckers and jerks and pornstars and extras and cops. By now you probably know which city we are talking about. Right, L.A.! And yes, L.A.'s Americanness can be so annoying. From the perspective of a European, Los Angeles is the opposite of our old metropolises: the tangled network of highways and the constant driving around, the emphasised nonchalance and never ending optimism of everyone, the sunny weather, the ingenious modernist architecture, the film industry, the tourists, and the eating habits (no gluten, no milk, only raw, not after six...) "Perhaps, just perhaps everything about this city gets on our nerves. Despite, or maybe because of all of this, L.A. is a fucking awesome city, both in the Biblical sense and the slang sense. This staggering awesomeness is fucking undeniable.", states Slanted and delights us with their discoveries of really progressive, experimental, and lighthearted graphic design.⁠ Buy
Sex and Lies

Sex and Lies

Leila Slimani
In Morocco, the only acceptable sexual activity is between a woman and her husband. Where all forms of extra-marital sex, homosexuality and prostitution are not only socially frowned upon but also punishable by law, women appear to have two options: be a virgin or be a wife.⁠ The first work of non-fiction in English from the prize-winning and internationally bestselling author Leila Slimani gives voice to young Moroccan women who are grappling with a conservative Arab culture that at once condemns and commodifies sex. By telling their intimate stories, by breaking taboos, by letting us into their thoughts and struggles, these women do not just break the silence, they also show that their lives and their lust matters. Which makes this book political and a vibrant appeal for the universal freedom to be, to love and to desire. ⁠ Buy
Spike Art #63 Spring 2020

Spike Art #63 Spring 2020

New York is its own mythology. It is the metropolis to which the whole world turns in search of trends and movements. It is the city that once stole the idea of modern art from Paris and transformed it into a gigantic art bubble. But NY, like the American dream it embodies, is broken. For years it has been torn between nostalgia and capitalist excess, which does not seem to be detrimental to the creative breeding ground. And so this city, like the American dream, is full of false promises, but also ambitious, witty and resilient.⁠ No wonder Spike Art Magazine set out to investigate this multi-layered biotope of creation and destruction. They take us through the ever-changing, ever-exciting art scene, from artist studios to thoughts like why New York is such a bore and why doesn't anyone have sex in New York anymore. For this issue, they even changed the entire layout of their magazine to make it look like New York's famous subway system. If you're wondering now if all the articles are from the time before Corona - they aren't. This virus also finds its place in this issue, but not only. Although New York is so badly hit by Covid-19 that even she who never sleeps stands still for a moment. But that won't make the problems that this city had before disappear, on the contrary, and neither will the creative scene disappear, since it always came from the bottom. And so the myth of New York tells us that this city will rise again because New Yorkers are stubborn and strong and resolute. And because they are the ones who make New York what it is.⁠ May this myth not be an illusion. New York! New York!⁠ Buy


Max Siedentopf
This is a copy, an homage, and a stroke of genius at the same time. Eckhard and Max Siedentopf, father and son and great fans of Toiletpaper magazine, delight us with the reenactment of the iconic photographs of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. The result is extremely funny, as fantastic as their famous inspiration and incredibly well executed. The photographs even have a lightness and spontaneity that the deliberately staged images of Toiletpaper Magazine never had. Our only criticism is that we did not think of it first.⁠ Buy
Charlie Engman - MOM


Charlie Engman
Since 2009 Charlie Engman has photographed his mother. In the beginning, the only reason for this was her availability and willingness to meet his requirements to train his skills. But what began as a casual, organic process developed into an intense collaboration. In his book MOM we soon get to know her freckled complexion and her intense gaze, but the more we see of her, the less clear the image and her position in the pictures becomes. The result is neither a family album nor a childlike homage, but a much deeper and far more complex interaction - an interaction that raises questions about the limits of familiarity, the rules and boundaries of roles and representation, vulnerability and control, and what it means to look and be seen.⁠ Buy
Desired Landscapes #3 2020

Desired Landscapes #3 2020

Cities are growing and changing faster than ever before, often leaving their citizens frustrated, and people are beginning to worry about saving buildings, empty spaces or even signage. Falsely articulated as a call for nostalgia, the discontent stems in fact from a leap of narrative growing unable to connect yesterday to tomorrow to affirm a sense of belonging. For Desired Landscapes preservation of the urban fabric is intended to leave behind clues of a lived past, as a sign of honesty. This wonderful little magazine is doing its part by preserving a moment in time of a place through storytelling.⁠ Buy
Crack Up Crack Down - 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts

Crack Up Crack Down

33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts
“We live in sour times, and such sour times require sweet-and-sour methods. With the rise of social media, comedians as politicians, and populism, there has recently been vigorous debate over who constitutes ‘the people.’ For more than a couple millennia, satire has been a particularly contested genre to explore such questions, via varying degrees of serious invective or jocular teasing. Is each joke, as George Orwell maintained, a tiny revolution? Or does laughter and satire deflate the pressures and tension which could otherwise lead to political upheaval?”—Slavs and Tatars⁠ ⁠ Published on the occasion of the 33rd edition of the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, CRACK UP – CRACK DOWN considers “the graphic” heritage of the Biennial not as a medium, per se, but rather as an agency and strategy. Purporting to speak truth to power, satire has proven itself to be a petri dish in a world of post-truth bacteria. Edited by Slavs and Tatars, the exhibition’s curators, CRACK UP – CRACK DOWN extends the discursive focus of the Biennial on graphics and satire.⁠ Buy
The Plant #15 2020

The Plant #15 2020

The latest issue of The Plant accompanies Harley Weir on ceramics art therapy with her father, shows the democratic significance of a place like Central Park, travels with us to Rio de Janeiro, and talks with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Formafantasma about their - then soon to be opened -exhibition at Serpentine Galleries. Now Formafantasma's exhibition can only be seen online, the possibility to travel to Rio is just a vague memory, and Central Park has a makeshift hospital on its grounds. In short, it is an edition that comes from the world of yesterday. Which is less than two months away, and yet it seems like a lifetime. But that still does not make the issues irrelevant. Quite the opposite. With all the news and headlines revolving around Covid-19, the terrible scenes in hospitals, and the people trying to cope with quarantine, loneliness and unemployment, we should not forget that we are still in the middle of a climate crisis, that parks, nature and green spaces are important for our health, and that creative, meditative work with our hands, like pottery, has a good effect on our mental health. Let us look at the topics of yesterday, because more than ever they will be the topics of tomorrow.⁠ Buy
Formafantasma Cambio


Cambio is a small layer between the bark and the wood of a tree, which helps the tree to adapt to shifts within its biotope. But Cambio also means change in Italian. The visionary design practice Formafantasma created a critical exhibition of the same name for Serpentine Galleries, which deals with trees, forestry practices and wood production. Wood is such an old and renewable material that it is not the first we think of when we talk about the exploitation of the planet. We want to see it as a sustainable material without questioning whether our use of it is sustainable. We forget that trees are living beings we should seek a thoughtful coexistence with. The exhibition questions the role that the discipline of design can play in translating emerging environmental awareness into informed, collaborative responses.⁠ ⁠ Unfortunately, the exhibition is closed, as are so many places at the moment. But fortunately we have the accompanying book that will allow you to dive deep into the research and design process of Formafantasma. Essays and interviews by experts in the fields of science, conservation, technology, policy-making and philosophy are designed to give the reader different points of view, while a series of interviews with Formafantasma themselves, over the course of the research period, illustrate the enriching interplay that resulted from these conversations.⁠ ⁠ And if you want to see the whole video, you can find it on the Instagram account of Serpentine Galleries alongside Antenna Fantasma - a weekly series of discussions around ecology and design by Formafantasma.⁠ Buy
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