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Lefebvre for Activists

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50 years after his writings, the contributions gathered in this bilingual book pursue the goal of adjusting and reclaiming the concept of “right to the city”. more

Parallel to a critical examination of the concept of everyday life, of alienation in times of digitalization, and of conceivable strategies of individual and collective appropriation of space, the book examines the connection between urban politics, activism, and art at a time when extensive privatization, migration, and precarization have fundamentally changed the urban landscape and the lives of the people who live in it.

With contributions by Klaus Ronneberger, Christoph Schäfer, Stadt von Unten, Ulrike Hamann, Daniele Togozzi, Johanna Gilje, Uroš Pajović, Ben T. Busch, Elisa T. Bertuzzo.

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