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American Readers at Home

Ludovic Balland

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In this lavishly designed volume we are offered a road-trip documentation of America during the presidential campaign of 2015-2016.

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American Readers at Home is the result of a 13000 miles long road-trip across America during and right after the presidential elections of 2016 which brought Donald Trump to the White House. These were highly contentious times in which American society was deeply polarised around all sorts of issues, from race and gender to immigration and employment. Swiss designer Ludovic Balland and his small team, were willing and able to navigate through the ongoing debates, running more than 200 interviews which draw an overview assessment of the electorate’s news consumption habits in this period. They investigated the role of the media in shaping opinions and documented key events such as the inauguration day and the Women’s Day march in Washington, capturing the gist of a defining moment in the history of the United State of America.

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Weight: 1,6 kg
Dimensions: 33 × 24,5 × 3 cm