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Style and Epoch

Writing in Rage - Moisei Ginzburg

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Originally published in Moscow in 1924, Moisei Iakovlevich Ginzburg’s book Style and Epoch is considered by many to be the single most important piece of writing on architecture to come out of Russia in this century. more

Preface by Kenneth Frampton Moisei Iakovlevich Ginzburg, one of the founders and chief spokesmen of the Constructivist movement in Soviet architecture, combined the talents of scholar, theoretician, writer, and practicing architect. It elucidates the aims and ideals of a Constructivist architecture, providing what is essentially an official manifesto of the Constructivist program and becoming the cornerstone of virtually all of the Constructivist writings that followed. Its translation makes available to English readers one of the seminal works of modern architectural theory.

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