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One Ingredient Recipes

One Ingredient Recipes

Surprise Subscription #15

In our Surprise Subscription this month is a treat from the curious, charming publishing house Happy Potato Press. While we fell in love with all of Happy Potato’s creations immediately, we have to admit that the cheerful yellow cover of ‘One Ingredient Recipes’ in particular always brings a smile to our faces. And we thought perhaps it could do the same for you!

This Is Not A Commercial - Art by Veli & Ramos


Happy Potato Press is the creation of artist and writer Martijn in’t Veld, and since 2019 the potato fields have been producing a harvest of pamphlets, zines, books, posters and goodies, all coming to life with Martijn’s distinctive blend of whimsy and irony.



‘One Ingredient Recipes’, as you may already suspect, is a bite-sized cookbook full of recipes that have only one ingredient. Easy! But the methods used to create these recipes are anything but conventional.



From popcorn à la action movie to an immortal onion to a seduction of pear, the recipes contained within this tiny book are by turns funny, morbid, existential and erotic, the simplest combinations of ingredient and instruction revealing a brave new culinary reality to the chef uninhibited enough to try them.



As a special aperitif, Martijn was kind enough to share some outtakes with us. Each of our subscribers received one unique, never-before-seen one-ingredient recipe. The others, just have to imagine…



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