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Closing Ceremony #2

Closing Ceremony #2 2019

Closing Ceremony #2


Torbjørn Rødland’s photograph gracing the cover of Closing Ceremony’s 2nd issue ‘Americano‘ delivers what the photo magazine from Shanghai promises: A not-to-serious and yet, incredible sincere, smirking observation on the emotional rollercoaster American culture finds itself in, splitting a country to the utmost. For its latest issue the editors behind Closing Ceremony (Same Paper) bring together the work of 10 US-based photographers who picture their inner perspective and experience of their – chosen or not – home country. The result is a haunting and touching imaginary, a diverse portray of American people and their daily lives. Alongside comes the ‘Amazine’, a photography zine reflecting on the worlds most holy religion of these days, consumerism, provided best by global big player Amazon. This issue may not make America great again as the Doppelgänger of the cover is wishing for, but instead it serves as reality check, giving a resonant voice to an America which is as diverse as its inhabitants.


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