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The Monocle Book of Japan

The Monocle Book of Japan - Tyler Brûlé

The Monocle Book of Japan

As a young boy, Tyler Brûlé, spent hours in the Japanese Consulate in Winnipeg, Canada, falling for the mysteries of a faraway island, named Japan. Well, we hopefully don’t give away too much, by telling you that his dreams came true…In fact, the Canadian visionary behind Monocle and founder of Wallpaper* became a frequent visitor of the 3.000km-long archipelago. And yet, after all these years – and trips, this island with its cherished traditions, its unique cultivation of craft and design, as well as the paradisiacal food culture and the exceptional hospitality, fills him with bafflement and enchantment. This full heart commitment found – surprise, surprise – its way onto paper. The Monocle Book of Japan takes you on an illuminative and joyful journey, spotlighting up-coming business, ambitious artisans, forgotten villages, ancient temples, while remaining faithful to the beloved and beautiful ‘monoclian style‘. Now you probably wonder, why ‘Planning next trip to Japan‘ is not already on your quarantine bucket list? The answer is: We don’t know.


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