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Puglia. Tra Albe e Tramonti

Puglia. Tra Albe e Tramonti - Luigi Ghirri

Puglia. Tra Albe e Tramonti

Luigi Ghirri

The Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri (1943-1992) coined the term “sentimental geography” to describe a unique artistic approach in which the ordinary is worthy of closer scrutiny. Puglia, an – at the time – off-the-beaten-track region at the very tip of the heel of Italy, with its whitewashed houses and streets, attracted the attention of this extraordinary photographer. Neglected by the rest of Italy, which looked only to the rich and profitable north of the country, he turned his camera to the everyday life of this sun-drenched land and its inhabitants. The minimalist yet sensitive photographs, with their elegant colour palette, evoke a sense of place known for its ancient architecture, crystal clear waters and arid olive groves.⁠⁠



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