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Kennedy #11

Kennedy #11 2020

Kennedy #11


Many people think of precision, dedication, and order when they think of Japan. And while this is not untrue there is far more magic to this place. Without going there yourself, it is virtually impossible to describe how Japan makes you feel – the tranquillity, the way the light changes when stepping from the street through curtains into the dimm lit wooden interior of an unagi restaurant, the way the trees in the woods swing and you do not know if it is because of the wind or the spirits, the little potted plant gardens along the houses of Tokyo and the old ladies that take care of them, the huge streets full of traffic that never seems loud, the myriads of alleyways the hold hidden soba restaurants… And there we are again, merely describing the given and not being able to transport how it feels. But luckily there is Kennedy Magazine. Chief Editor Chris Kontos was so emotionally taken by Japan that he promised himself to return once a year. And the rest of us he gifted with an issue of Kennedy dedicated entirely to Japan and its people. The sensitive photographs tell a story beyond words, enabling you to travel there in mind.⁠


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