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More than Real

More than Real #2

More than Real

Art in the Digital Age

During the Verbier Art Summit ‘More than Real. Art in the digital Age’, hold in 2018 on top of the Alps, key figures and leaders of the art scene came together to discuss one thing: What art can do and mean in the Digital Age. A first hint lies within the title itself: digital Art is not that alien to art practices before the rise of zeros and ones as one might expect. Digital art- same as its pre-digital ancestor intervene with reality in one way or another – and can lead to change and innovation. While Olafur Eliasson, Ed Atkins, Douglas Coupland among others pondered together about possible futures of art and its cultural value, there is one common undertone which is rather striking and characteristic of this Summit: ‘To move in an increasingly digital world does not make us more robotic, but instead calls for us to become more human’, as Daniel Birnbaum puts it. How digital art can be used as a medium to enhance our world is illustrated best in the 2nd interdisciplinary compilation of Verbier Art Summit whose contributors are, once again, willing to see the bigger picture as a chance rather than a threat.

Got hooked? You can find the first publication to the inaugural Verbier Art Summit ‘Size Matters! (De)Growth of the 21st Century Art Museum’ here or even stream some of the talks from the top of ‘The-Magic-Mountain’-alike scenery here.




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