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Documents of Contemporary Art

Documents of Contemporary Art

From time to time there are some editorial kinships which remain – it can’t be said otherwise – unbeatable! Such is the series ‘Documents of Contemporary Art‘, a thriving publishing alliance between MIT Press and London’s Whitechapel Gallery. For over 13 years now their common maxime is to publish comprehensive anthologies, for a little money, appealing design and, no less important, significant content. While each volume is a concrete exploration through one major theme at the time, the series offers a plurality of tongues, discussing various aspects of everything contemporary art can possibly offer. The fact that every book is edited by one scholar, artist, curator or critic guarantees exactly that: an ever-changing, new angel on one specific subject. And, as the constantly increasing  number of titles such as ‘Ethics‘, ‘Exhibition‘, ‘The Rural‘ and ‘Queer‘ shows: there is a lot more to explore. Thus, never change a winning team!


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