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Sound Space Sense – DNA 21

Sound Space Sense - DNA 21 (EN)

Sound Space Sense – DNA 21

Surprise Subscription #38

We’re going to go out on a limb here: what if the best time of year is happening right now? Visualize the word “February” in your mind. Sure, it’s rainy, cold, dark, gray, and bleak; yes, you may curse the fact that you are not kicking it on a beach in Greece or Miami; but think of all the fabulous things you have been doing to get through this long short winter month. Dinners, galleries, museums, movies, lounging in bed…wonderful experiences all of them.  


And let’s not forget music! Whether you prefer hanging at the Berlin Philharmonie or doing some big time clubbing at Berghain, winter is the true season of music for all sound lovers–and a perfect time for this month’s surprise subscription pick (especially if you missed our recent launch event).



Sound Space Sense is the latest installment in the HKW’s outstanding cultural studies pamphlet series Das Neue Alphabet, a project whose central goal is to “formulate new semiotic worlds conducive to an alternative knowledge production”. And what knowledge is produced here! With its short essays describing topics as diverse as spatial metaphysics, musical illusions, and sonic architecture, this slim volume is guaranteed to push your mind and ears into all sorts of unusual directions.



Featuring a who’s who of contemporary sound theorists (Jan St. Werner, Detlef Diederichsen David Grubbs, and Diana Deutsch to name just a few), Sound Space Sense addresses a dizzying array of fascinating aural topics. Why and how do we hear what we hear? What happens when sound is introduced in unusual and surprising contexts? What does “listening” as an activity actually mean? What is the relationship between language and sound? These are just a handful of the questions raised by this brilliant crew of scholars and musicians.



As if this weren’t enough, Sound Space Sense is also a profound resource for the deep listeners out there, brimming with enough references to composers, artists, books, and soundmakers to keep you occupied for at least another winter. Add the fact that it is also filled with images by the groundbreaking computer/algorithm artist Vera Molnár and it can truly be said that you are holding a movable aesthetic feast in your hands.



And, in case you missed it, here some impressions from the presentation of the book in our shop in Auguststraße:




Enjoy and do feel the hug?!  



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