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Sindroms #6 2021 – Blue

Sindroms #6 2021 Blue

Sindroms #6 2021 – Blue

Surprise Subscription #9

Dive with us and Miruna Sorescu this month into the monochromatic world of Sindroms magazine! With each issue, Sindroms explores one colour – visually, emotionally and theoretically.


The latest issue of Sindroms is dedicated to – you probably already guessed it from the cover – the colour blue. This time, Sindroms took it literally and instead of looking at all the associations that exist around the colour blue, they concentrated on the blues: from sadness and comfort food, to the importance of crying, to how negative feelings affect our creative processes and how sadness can even be a source of inspiration. 

The choice to concentrate their blue issue particularly on the emotional blues was a very personal choice and resulted in a wonderfully personal issue. So we figured instead of us, we let Miruna Sorescu, co-founder of Sindroms, tell you all about it:



Colours have a huge impact on us. Apart from affecting our mood and emotions, they can in fact change our perception of things, such as the taste of food. The color of a pill can even influence its performance in placebo studies.

Fortunately for you, the reader, this emotional archaeology Sindroms is undergoing is all presented in different shades of blue, which according to classical colour theory is supposed to have a calming and peaceful effect. Which means you can engage with this sometimes emotionally charged issue in a tranquil, unflustered way. 


Here come the blues, in all its shades and hues!


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