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Nobody – Ghosts

Nobody – Ghosts

Surprise Subscription #27

Take a moment and reflect on what you’ve read today. Now do this again for yesterday and the day before.

If you manage to remember anything at all, you might find that the stories you have been reading all seem to gravitate towards one common set of subjects. Most will have probably been pertinent to the current news cycle, while the others will have most likely concerned your own particular field of interests. Which is all fair and square–particularly given the world’s chaotic state of affairs. But where are all the other stories? As beautifully diverse and big our blue and green marbled planet is, there must be more to report and write about than war and scandal, no?



The founders of Nobody, the magazine you are holding in your hands right now, asked themselves the same questions and ultimately answered that they wanted to publish nothing more than that: stories which are quieter, deeper, and more human than what you find in the newspaper; stories which run against our era’s violent speed of life to zero in on what could be described as the poetics of the ordinary.

Titled ”Ghosts”, the second issue of Nobody explores less the supernatural than what haunts us, the invisible that always accompanies us, the things we can’t get rid of. At first glance, the random assortment of personal artifacts that surround us may seem like mere burdens that clutter our lives.

But what is shown so vividly in these various accounts drawn from everyday life is that it is precisely these objects or memories or ideas–whether they be the thousands of junk photos we keep in iCloud, the crate loads of cassette tapes we can’t stop collecting, or the dinosaur bones we excavate and catalog in our free time (granted, this last one is not exactly everyday)–that serve a vital role in shaping and sustaining who we are; and which help in making life that much more interesting and, well, livable.  

In order for you to have a better picture of Nobody, we asked its co-founder Tessa Love to make a video presentation:



Thank you, Tessa!


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