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Famous For My Dinner Parties

Famous For My Dinner Parties

Surprise Subscription #35

Food is the ultimate subject of conversation. Whether when making dinner plans or debating the merits of a particular restaurant or complaining about the rising price of your favorite breakfast cereal, the subject is both ubiquitous and relevant. Think about it: is there anything stranger than someone who doesn’t have a ready answer to the simple question, “What’s your favourite food?”



This combined with food’s exceptional visual qualities (here’s looking at you Arcimboldo) may explain why there have been so many excellent food magazines and publications in recent years. Famous for My Dinner Partiesa beloved website that has now triumphantly branched out into print–is a welcome addition to this small but ever-growing world of culinary print, bringing its own particular flavour to the textual table.   



Rather than focusing on recipes or restaurants, Famous for My Dinner Parties is instead a platform for “celebrating, portraying, questioning and discussing different aspects of the culture around food and eating”. And honestly, despite its simple and friendly lo-fi image, it packs a real punch. We think it can comfortably be said that this is the only food magazine that covers such delightfully diverse terrain as the political potential of pie, Chantal Akerman, the racist origins behind the universal suspicion of the Chinese food condiment MSG, and the relationship between power and what one eats. We also found the eyebrow-raising theory that eggs have seen an enormous recent resurgence in consumption because of their popularity on Instagram to be both provocative and appetising. 



But there’s more! Famous for My Dinner Parties is also a visual delight, brimming with photos, illustrations, and an impressive array of food-inspired artwork. Did you know that the Italian Futurists wrote a “Manifesto of Futurist Cooking” full of wild ideas about gastronomy’s role in modernity? Yeah, we didn’t either. This combined with the QR codes leading to Famous for My Dinner Parties’s website makes this zine a veritable feast (sorry) of information.


To celebrate being this month’s subscription pick, the editors of Famous for My Dinner Parties have made a unique print for all our Subscribers. We hope you enjoy it!  

In the meantime, as always, do feel the hug?!



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