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Dirty Furniture – Bed

Dirty Furniture – Bed

Surprise Subscription #37

So here we are in the year 2024! Well done, you made it out of bed! 


We here at do you read me?! understand the challenges of leaving your bed during this dark and cold season. So when we saw that Dirty Furniture–an independent design magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with–had set their sights on this holiest article of household furniture for their last issue, we simply could not resist making it this month’s Surprise Subscription pick. 



Beds have traditionally been viewed as the last remaining refuge from capitalism and the one place where we can all just tell the world to buzz off. But with the pandemic and all its accompanying joys, even this safe harbor has been polluted with remote work, doom scrolling, and the occasional Zimtschnecke. Beyond this, the bed has always been a site of socio-political inscription where a culture’s (generally patriarchal) values are on full display. In other words, these cozy spaces are simply loaded with all kinds of baggage.



When did bedrooms come to exist? Why hasn’t the rest of the world adopted an Indian law that enshrines the right to sleep? Is it ok to have the TV on when dozing? Follow-up question: What is it about the TV show Frasier that has inspired people to identify themselves as “Frasier Sleepers” due to its powerfully soporific effects? These are just a handful of the subjects addressed in this densely packed little magazine. And for those of you who are still left wanting more, fret not: there is also a history of Mexico’s traditional portable bed, the petate; a politically charged article about noise pollution in Canada; some reflections on why wearing sleeping bags as clothing is awesome; and an image catalogue of avant-garde beds.



For the coming year, we hope that Dirty Furniture will give you a newfound appreciation for your bed and the defense it provides against the ever-increasing demands of the world. After all, the only thing worth getting out of bed for is breakfast!


And if you just can’t get enough we collected for you more titles on refusing, life balance, rethinking our object world and breakfast!

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Snuggle up and do feel the hug?!



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