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Social Design Book

Social Design Cookbook - Attila Bujdoso

Social Design Book

Attila Bujdoso

When Antti Tuomola wanted to open a restaurant in Helsinki back in 2011, he found himself caught up in bureaucracy that did not leave any space for innovation. So he gathered some friends to find a solution to enrich Helsinki’s culinary scene without the troubles to open a permanent restaurant and may it be just for one day. As a result 40 people turned their private homes into temporary restaurants for “Restaurant Day”, inviting strangers into their kitchen. By 2016 “Restaurant Day” turned into a worldwide cultural event.⁠

But this book is not about “Restaurant Day”. “Restaurant Day” is solely exemplary for most of the 18 social design practices and tools explained in this book such as bottom-up, social-city, and smart-citizens. And like in any good cookbook author Attila Bujdoso does not only explain the ingredients and seeks to inspire you, but also gives you the recipes on hand to successfully create your own social projects.⁠


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