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Uncensored – Adriana Eskenazi

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Adriana Eskenazi is a professional photographer who has been working in the sector since 2009. After a ten-year career in advertising and fashion with the studio she co-founded in 2011, eskenaziencursiva, she broke away and started a solo career. This allowed her to deepen her more artistic concerns, apply them to her commercial work and create a parallel style. Adriana started working with other formats, such as painting mixed with photography. In photography, she has a special predilection for intimacy and bodies, and in painting, she focuses on the pleasures of life, closely linked to food. Today, she combines commercial commissions with the sale of work, both for national and international clients. In 2021 Adriana released her first photobook, Amar, about growing older and the mid-life crisis as seen through her own relationship with her partner Marta. Uncensored is her second book, which she has been working on for many years, and thanks to the efforts of many people involved, she was able to publish it in 2020.

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