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Ukraine – Hundred Hidden Faces

Civilians up in Arms

46,73  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

“Some of these people have taken up arms, others manufacture camouflage nets or Molotov cocktails, still others help out with logistics, or care for the wounded… They are the Ukrainian civil resistance, people who have left their ordinary lives in order to fight. They figure in these images with their hopes, their fears… their faces remain invisible…for the moment at least, to protect them. But one day, their faces will be visible to all, I photographed these faces for the future. Their faces will appear on the day Ukraine will regain its sovereignty. On that day the resistance will have won. Just like eight years ago, during Euromaidan, I asked each of these hundred people two questions: – What would you like to see happening now? – What do you think will happen?”



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