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Flashing images of vibrant streets, multilayered landscapes filled with colours and textures and people, all beautifully juxtaposed, layer upon layer upon layer. When I think of Mexico, that is what I see. more

A kind of overwhelming, almost saturating display that you cannot take your eyes off of. It is easy to get caught up in the fast pace of everyday life and overlook the mundane, as you are moving hastily from point A to B. I am a fast driver, and having raced a big chunk of my life, I tend to forget myself, blissfully missing out on most things on the way. But Mexico does not allow you to do that. Its roads, its traffic, its speed bumps all seem to be there to remind you that you are on their time, not yours. That is what Tope stands for: an opportunity to slow down and stay vigilant not only of the random obstacles looming every stretch of the road but also of the seemingly ordinary events that unfold along the way. Once you are there, all of that chaos and those clashing elements come together in harmony under the striking Mexican golden sunlight.

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