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The Office – Steven Ahlgren

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As many of us question the necessity of working from an office, this photographic series – taken in the days before wifi and iPhones – is a poignant reminder of how things once were. Teetering stacks of paper, off-kilter filing cabinets, gum-white computer monitors and the cold glow of the Xerox machine; what were once essential tools now stand as whimsical relics to a former life. The office holds bittersweet memories of kitchen small talk, cheap coffee, awkward Christmas parties and promotions won or lost. Capturing this corporate world with a tender yet satirical eye, American photographer Steven Ahlgren’s nostalgic series will resonate with anyone who has ever loved, hated or simply endured office life.

Sold out


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Dimensions: 16,5 × 21,5 × 2 cm