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Tbilisi – Anna Tsitsishvili

28,04  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Many photographs from the Soviet era reflect a glossy portrayal of that time, as they were often meant to convey a specific image. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when there was no longer a need to showcase Soviet “virtues,” a subtle melancholy seemed to seep into these photographs. It was sometimes discernible that photographers quietly embraced this sense of melancholy. This sentiment can be justified, considering that the post-imperial events and Russian occupation had left an indelible mark on the entire country, the city, and its inhabitants. Simultaneously, a new generation emerged with a vision that, while still evolving, was already distinctly articulated. Notably, Tbilisi held a significant place in their photographic works. What’s intriguing is that, in their vision, the city transcended mere streets, buildings, or cityscapes. They ventured into courtyards, homes, and even apartments. Anna Tsitsishvili’s photobooks captivates us primarily through its authenticity. The author, by presenting a random selection of images from Tbilisi, invites us into a sincere dialogue. Yet, this is merely the initial impression. Upon a closer examination of the photos, one can uncover hidden narratives behind these images that beckon you to immerse yourself in the genuine essence of Tbilisi.



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