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Stranger in Polaroid

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Stranger Than Paradise (1984) is one of Jarmusch’s most important films and set him on the path to his international breakthrough. In typical laconic Jarmusch style, full of poetry and a predilection for quirky characters, the film tells of the stories of three immigrants, who describe their lives in exile, their dreams, yearnings, and inner restlessness.more

Otto Grokenberger produced this cult film and his new photobook Stranger In Polaroid (2018) features exclusive, previously unpublished Polaroid images from the film’s set and production. These are the only color photographs that exist of the film set, locations, actors, and costumes. In conversation with curator Felix Hoffmann, Grokenberger will discuss his collaborations with Jarmusch, the film production process, and the unique qualities of Polaroid pictures.

Sold out


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