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Self-Reflection – Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

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It is curious, vibrant and refreshing to look through Ebbesen’s unique lens – Lisa Giomar Hydén, Director of Exhibitions, Fotografiska Stockholm

The Danish photographer Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen blurs the line between photography and painting, reality and fantasy in an exploration of the human body and the subconscious self in her first monograph Self Reflection.

Mirrors, reflections and illusions are some of Ebbesen’s photographic tools, where she examines how the human body and mind can be visualized and interpreted by the viewer. The distorted materials, used throughout the book, blur the lines between photography and painting, providing a symbolic boundary between reality and imagination. By placing nature, the nude body, fruits and flowers in a surreal context, Ebbesen creates a clash between the familiar and the odd. The distortions are always created in camera by photographing through various reflections and never by using Photoshop or AI, thus keeping reality close to the surreal.

Formally educated as a Medical Doctor, Ebbesen is interested in the intersection between art and science. Her studies of the psyche, the senses, and the body are seen in many of her works from tattered faces and contorted naked bodies to self-portraits and still life’s.



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