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Scenic Views #3 2022

Scenic Views #3 2022

16,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Scenic Views is an interiors magazine that focuses on the everyday, the overlooked and the forgotten. There are many ways that people tell stories through their surroundings. The bars, cafes, hotels, transit centres and other public spaces that make a city are rarely remembered once they are gone—not to mention the private rooms, apartments and houses that are endlessly built and demolished. From filing papers in a cabinet to drinking Blue Hawaiians in an exotic themed lounge, each and every detail reveals something about the people who pass through them. This is where personal idiosyncrasies are expressed, and even the subtlest of decorations make all the difference. Together, they create a feeling that is difficult to define. It is a feeling of honesty and imagination, of past and present, of friends and strangers.


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