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Revs #23 2022

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Time is defined by the past, the present and the future altogether. You and I are a part of that; we live through time, we affect what is around us, and we are changed by what happens in the world. Without exception, we are part of a conversation between cause and effect. Time influences us all. There was a time when I was another, and before this time, many others. Each period of time, I was someone else and yet I remained the same, better, worse, new or different. Each of these versions of me lived their own time; they had dreams, craved acceptance, worked for freedom and in the end, lost it all to work. All of them are marked by love, and because of it, consumed by madness, giving way to another version of myself and another and another. After every single time period, after stories and adventures, victories and defeats, it is deceit that never changes. Regardless of how much I might have changed through time, the false idea that any, or all of it, matters stayed unquestioned. The bank account, the job, the status, the career, the newest of the latest. We make it real, but is it? And what is truly real? Maybe it is time to ask such questions. Perhaps it is time to question the things we never did, not with the intention to unveil conspiracies, but instead to adequately measure and unravel what different parts various elements play in our lives and our daily surroundings. This issue speaks of us being ready to ask ´why?`; this is reflected in our present conversations and our insatiable hunger for change. Stronger than ever, our voices are louder than they have ever been. Together, we are exploring who we are and what our individual and collective roles in making the world a place truly worth living in, must be. That time has come; it is our time to ask ´why?` and act upon the answers that we are dealt. It is time to reflect; it is time to become a new version of ourselves. This time, more than any other, we can do this together.



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