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OKS: 2020 Edited

Der Klasse Bildredaktion 2020

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2020 – and all of a sudden everything is different. What is The New Normal? 20 photographers, ten from the International Center of Photography (ICP), more

New York and ten from Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie (OKS), Berlin show us how they perceive life under the new circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic: Here and in our publication you’ll find 20 individual positions, together they are a precious document of our time. A record of the peculiar, mundane, intimate moments of daily life during this global pandemic. 2020 will stay in our mind. The book and this website will help us to recollect, to trigger how we felt and “How We Were” as one of the photographers, Billy Hickey, puts it. 2020 Edited is the tenth series of the former book series New York Edited, a cooperation of the prestigious schools OKS and ICP. As the US students had to go back to their home countries, back to their families, back to their apartments, this year’s book is not only about New York, but also all the other places in which these 20 photographers found themselves sheltering, during the pandemic. Who would have thought that the tenth edition of this book project would be special in so many ways!
We might put our head in a tree, like Daniel Seiffert’s daughter, but we won’t bury our head in the sand. We will move on and hopefully, the creativity forged during this time will be our silver lining.

Sold out


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