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Mutter Architektur

Florian Glaubitz

26,17  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Florian Glaubitz’s images – sometimes illuminated, sometimes behind glass, cut-back, flat and bulbous – lead me to questions around the ever-present interrelation of body, material and product. more

Not so much through words, but through an image language that has been developed over years, he talks of desire, relentlessly demands beauty and attempts to hold onto temporary states of being in which everything seems possible. The images open up the question of what remains and what will touch us over and over again. The portraits, landscapes and still lives function as a matrix for ideas and mirror an inexorable thriving towards contemporary interpretations of life – far away from dominant accelerated, superficial and neoliberal forms of society and production. In a multitude of parallel themes and motives, Florian Glaubitz collects materials and instances in order to create his own world and to structure his day-to-day. The almost therapeutic journey to new images is what gives rhythm, structure and regularity, but which is at its core shapeless and never linear.

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