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Linus Bill - Kranke Kinder

Linus Bill

Kranke Kinder

18,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

The booklet is composed entirely of photographs revealing the intimate, daily life of parenting and childhood: catching snowflakes on the tongue, learning to use chopsticks, more

and in perhaps the most humorous photo, a boy earnestly concentrating while taking a close-up of his brother’s bare backside with his father’s camera. That each photo is printed in bright monochromatic yellow makes for a sunny family album, where mundane activities like cutting an infant’s hair or an image of a plunger stuck onto a bathroom mirror carry a vividness equal to that of beach holiday photos. As in his previous exhibitions and catalogues, the Swiss-born photographer approaches his work with curiosity, wit, and casual observation.


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