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Le Corbusier – 5x Unite d’Habitation

Marseille, Berlin, Reze, Briey-en-Foret, Firminy

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From 1945 to 1967 Le Corbusier planned and built five Unités d'Habitation in Marseille, Nantes, Berlin, Briey and Firminy. Also because of the housing shortage of the post-war period, he developed a new type of building, a multifunctional apartment block, which combined a large number of apartments with a roof landscape and other urban structures such as kindergartens, cinemas, pharmacies, and grocery stores on a small floor space. more

The original Unités type was completed in Marseille in 1952 and its revolutionary conception as a vertical city with completely new solutions to urban planning, social, aesthetic and constructive questions triggered an international discussion. Today, the five Unités are in very different states. Arthur Zalewski captured them photographically. Le Corbusier: 5 × Unité – Marseille, Nantes, Berlin, Briey, Firminy by Arthur Zalewski is shown in five exhibitions, curated by Peter Ottmann, from April to November 2019 in the C834 in the Corbusierhaus in Berlin.

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