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Home Alone: A Survival Guide

Max Siedentopf

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Born out of the need to remain in self-isolation in the face of the Corona pandemic, the artist Max Siedentopf turned his own apartment upside down and captured the results with his camera: more

he piled up cans as sculptures, made haute couture costumes, monsters or traps, and invented bizarre alternatives to toilet paper. But it didn’t stop there: he published all his actions on Instagram and invited followers worldwide to reenact the respective mottos. The handy survival guide consists of various chapters that ironically illuminate survival in self-chosen or prescribed isolation at home: from “Invent a new meal” to “Make a painting using tooth brush” to “Balance all your beauty products”, everything is included. The best pictures from the series, which now comprises over 1000 photos, are collected here. An effective remedy against boredom in any case.

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Dimensions: 14 × 12,5 × 1 cm