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Gerlinde Miesenböck – Botanica

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Plants play an important role in many homes. In botanica house plants are staged with the help of their owner, holding a white linen as a background, a photographed with a traditional 4×5“ Linhof Camera. White linen as a background dates back into early photo history, especially as a provisional element (like George Arends did with his gardening in the 1920ies) Thus, the plant is isolated from its context at home through this conform background. The assisting person is still vaguely visilbe through some clues – this is important to point at their role as the designer of their living space and in general as former of nature and environment. Based on the theory of Elizabeht Edwards seeing and hence the process of taking photographs are embodied sensory perceptions. Therefor I am considering the use of the camera and its individual esthetic elementary as part of the production conditions. The heavy and bulky large format camera is taking away spontaneity and adds seriosity and time. It‘s weight and its heandling forces immobility upon me and, thus, renders it to a „household tool“ to photograph „household“ themes.


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Dimensions: 15 × 19 × 2 cm