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Foam #54 2019 - Play!

Foam #54 2019

Play! The Game-Changing Issue

25,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Foam Magazine #54: PLAY! The Game Changing Issue
Play is one of the founding pillars that allows us to discover the world. To play is to learn how things work, how we behave, interact, and how we can solve problems. more

It fuels our scientific thirst for experimenting, the enchantment towards the magic of discovery, and the frustration of failure. It is also crucial in informing how we perceive and experience reality, and how we create a new, alternative reality that we might be able to control. Foam Magazine #54: PLAY! investigates the powers at play in our society and its subversive, irreverent potential. It looks at its healing powers, the relief that comes from unlocking energy, creativity, and unexpected ghosts.


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