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Denise Kobler - Emerald Musk

Emerald Musk

Denise Kobler

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Denise Kobler’s photographic images are an invitation to a holistic experience. First of all, they invite us to take a visual walk. Our eyes are set in motion when we look at the pictures, without rushing, of course, at the walking pace of the stretched moment. more

We stroll, as it were, through the vast landscapes. These parks are not gardens, but a section of designed nature. One looks in vain for a garden fence. The blurred boundaries often merge seamlessly into the nearby nature with mountains, lakes or the sea. It is not the single botanizable flower, not the rare shrub that counts, it is the ascending and descending flower areas, which are covered by trees, lawns or ponds that sink into them. These landscapes would prefer to remain unnamed, not be located on a map. For the artist, the visual impact of the terrain is far more important than the geographical location, which leads her to unexpected new effects in her works. Others go to museums, she visits parks. For in them she recognises works of, with and about nature, conceived and realised by people. Nature is the most important actor in her works. Denise Kobler creates art about art in dialogue with nature.

Sold out

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Dimensions: 26 × 22.5 × 2.1 cm