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C41 #11 2021 – Nadia Lee Cohen Signed Edition #42

Sold out

We have five of fifty exclusive covers, drawn on and signed by Nadia Lee Cohen!more

Why ask why? Why do we forget? Why is food not just food anymore? Why might art be our salvation? Why do we all need a point of reference? These are just some of the questions that C41 asked itself and the people involved. The cover story for the new issue features a photographer from Los Angeles whose name is on everybody’s lips of late: Nadia Lee Cohen. Nadia represents one of the most relevant gazes in contemporary photography, with a unique sensitivity and style in portraying women that make her the perfect protagonist of this issue. For the cover, Nadia has created an ad hoc portrait, by renowned photographer Bryce Anderson, that brings the new C41 to life in a pulsating red. To make the product even more exclusive, C41 asked Nadia to personalise a limited number of copies of the magazine, resulting in an unmissable special collection. The 50 personalised and signed copies by Nadia Lee Cohen will populate ten carefully selected bookshops around the world. And do you read me?! Is one of them!

Sold out

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