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Bruce LaBruce: Photo Ephemera Vol. 2

48,60  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Volume Two of queercore icon Bruce LaBruce’s latest book Photo Ephemera is a continuation of LaBruce’s visual autobiography, providing a way to participate in his uproarious life without having to actually be a part of it. The photos, largely taken with a digital point-and-shoot camera before smart phones took over everything, bring one closer to the person behind the auteur, with candid snapshots of a life filled with fun, sex and travels at times in contrast to LaBruce’s more transgressive and extreme artistic work. As Susan Sontag wrote, you cannot hold reality, but you can hold a photograph. Not only is a photograph a way of preserving the past, but very much a way of handling the present. The book explores LaBruce’s gentler and curious side, giving the viewer a chance to grasp the reality of Bruce LaBruce. Starring iconic faces such as Genesis P-Breyer Orridge, Kembra Pfahler, Karl Lagerfeld, Beth Ditto and many more.



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