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Bruce LaBruce: Photo Ephemera Vol. 1

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Queercore icon Bruce LaBruce releases his latest book of personal and private photos, titled Photo Ephemera, a visual autobiography, constructed with personal snapshots, moments with lovers, friends, trips, and behind the scenes clips from his films. The book comes in two volumes and features a myriad of queer references, gay bars and chem parties, hotels and hospitals, street signs and sunsets and iconic faces, including Genesis P-Breyer Orridge, Kembra Pfahler, Karl Lagerfeld, Beth Ditto and many more. Cocks, tits, blood, piss and hints of criminality are placed next to cute pics of loved ones, sunsets, holidays, churches and breakfast scenes. As Susan Sontag argued, a photograph is a way of preserving the past, but also a way of handling the present and, throughout, there is a feeling of wonder hidden in every pic, or what philosopher Walter Benjamin called “the tiny spark of accident, the here and now.” Every photograph captures a moment that has a story in advance and a story after and Photo Ephemera is a way of participating in LaBruce’s life, without being a part of it.



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