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British Journal of Photography June 2021: Humanity & Technology

British Journal of Photography June 2021

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The theme of Humanity & Technology marks the latest issue of the British Journal of Photography. Technology is rapidly transforming the way we make, view and understand images. more

Photographers are employing drones and ultra-powerful cameras to capture unprecedented detail, and display their work in the digital and virtual space. Others follow the story of technology through its place in society, documenting relationships and historical breakthroughs before they rapidly evolve into something else. In this issue: David Vintiner and Gem Fletcher’s decade-long project, Transhuman, gives us an insight into the lives of cyborgs and biohackers; Sara Cwynar warns of the consequences of data falling into corporate hands; Richard Mosse captures the scorched rainforests using high resolution drone footage; Coca Dai toys with China’s and Instagram’s automated censorship; Oliver Chanarin collaborates with his partner Fiona Jane Burgess to juxtapose an intimate narrative with machine-learning curation; Josèfa Ntjam blends internet imagery with her family archive to re-imagine historical narratives; and the RAKE Collective interrogates the powers of surveillance in the UK in the group’s ongoing project, Police State.

Sold out

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