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British Journal of Photography #7905 2021: Activism & Protest

British Journal of Photography #7905 2021

Activism & Protest

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Be it quiet activism or disruptive protest, over the past two years we have witnessed an immense mobilisation of people banding together in solidarity. Our new issue explores this phenomenon, and what the act of protest really means. more

Dee Dwyer, whose photograph is on the cover this month, speaks to Charlotte Jansen about the importance of photographing protests in her home city of Washington DC, as a Black image maker. She uses her lense to capture the passion of the crowd’s demonstrations, but also the individual stories that led the people there. Joining her in the main feature section are photographers Tariq Zaidi, Rosalind Fox Solomon, Deana Lawson, Tommaso Rada and Rene Matić. Elsewhere, we are invited to visit the London-based studio of Peter Kennard. The artist and professor has spent his career creating striking photomontages, challenging nuclear warfare, government policy and most recently, the threat of climate change. We also delve into the archive of The Photographers’ Gallery with curator David Brittain, and explore the city of Bristol in our On Location feature with Aaron Schuman. Ingrid Pollard shares her Any Answers. British Journal of Photography is the world’s longest-running photography magazine. Each issue celebrates photography as both a practice and an art form, with emphasis on innovation and invention; the concepts and creative processes that inspire those rare photographs that have the power to grab and hold your attention.

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