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Atlas Archiv Album

Vaclav Pozarek

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In his artist‘s book of 333 pictures with no text, Vaclav Pozarek gives us an insight not only into his indescribably vast stock of images, but above all into an exceptional array of whimsical associations. more

These are based on combinations that have as much to do with the real world as chance permits. With staunch faith in overall readability and the interpretive competence of his readers, Pozarek combines the political and athletic achievements of humankind as well as cultural achievements that are thousands of years old into an album of his archive. The sequencing and pairing of the content on the double-page spreads is indebted entirely to chance. Artefacts of antiquity through the ages and into the present day – Palazzo Rucellai, Duchamp‘s fountain, the Colosseum in Rome, Warhol‘s Brillo boxes, Donatello‘s David – have delightfully incomprehensible rendezvous with celebrities – Sophia Loren, Josep Beuys, Francesco Totti, Constantin Brancusi, Adolf Hitler, The Rolling Stones – as well as film sequences, scientific experiments and mundane press photographs. As an atlas of the world’s wonders and curiosities, AAA / 333 is a radically subjective, inspiring, humorous, conceptual art project in book form.
AAA / 333 includes a supplement, an Epilogue by Stanislas von Moos, concisely analysing Pozarek’s project within the art historical context.

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