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Arles #1 2018

Arles #1 2018

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Arles is very much like the french city it is named after. It sheds light on creativity in the Mediterranean but it does so with contemplation and wonder. This magazine takes its time for meetings and discussions, just like life is in a small city in southern France, far away from the hectic urban centers of the metropolises. more

 The first issue features an interview with Willem Dafoe and Julian Schnabel about Van Gogh's last years in Provence, a private tour through Francois Halard's magical house in Arles, depict through Polaroids by Halard himself and a beautiful photoseries of filmmaker Tony Gatlif set in the incredible Carmargue landscape together with a monobloc. With this magazine the cultural foundation Luma brings us closer to the contemporary artsscene, natural uniqueness and cultural heritage of this UNESCO-City. 

Sold out

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