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Wagashi – Tokyo Artrip

18,69  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

‘Tokyo Artrip’ is a series of guidebooks about the Japanese capital. Each edition introduces a different theme selected from the perspective of Japanese culture, art, and design. more

This edition features ‘wagashi’, traditional Japanese confections typically made from plant-based ingredients and often served with green tea. The book includes insight from four ‘wagashi’ lovers: sweets specialist Ricca Fukuda, Motohiro Inaba (co-owner of the Wagashi Asobi specialty shop), Hiroshi Matsuno (owner of Yanaka Matsunoya: Handmade Tools for Everyday Use), and the ‘Tokyo Artrip’ editorial team. The guide features essential ‘wagashi’ spots to visit throughout the city.

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