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The Everyday Flowers Arrangement in Kyoto

The Everyday Flowers Arrangement in Kyoto

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Quiet but proud expressions of the living traditions of Kyoto. An integral part of everyday Kyoto life, ikebana flower arrangements can be found gracing spaces from antique dealers to restaurants, inns, temples, and art galleries. more

Although these unassuming presentations are often not from the hands of professionals, they speak to the origins of ikebana as sacred offerings while also reflecting the attitude of respect toward the sacred and toward others that has been nurtured over the centuries in this ancient capital. Here is an appealing look at the traditional spirit of Kyoto townspeople as it lives on through the seasons in flowers and vessels chosen to match each unique context, including some decidedly contemporary settings.

Volume 1 introduces arrangements at some seventy locations, including the Sumiya inn and Hyotei and Miyamasou restaurants.


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