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Suitcase #29 2019

Suitcase #29 2019

The Taste Issue

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It’s the consumption of not just food, but also an entire culture, that makes the unashamed pursuit of a good meal such a visceral part of our travels. By imbibing the rustic and the refined, the modest and the Michelin starred, we swallow the ingredients that define a locale and reach a greater understanding of its community and landscape.more

The Taste Issue is our epicurean grand tour of wild shorelines, low-key city neighbourhoods and sun-soaked islands the world over, from the fertile soils of Sicily and Crete to the tropical sands of Mauritius. Articles include the humanitarian photographer Giles Duley cooking with refugees in South Sudan; a culinary retreat with celebrity chefs on the edge of the world in Norway’s Lofoten Islands; a photo essay outlining London’s diverse café culture; an interview with chef Francis Mallmann at his Provencal table; pioneering chefs takes on the in-flight meal; and other gastronomic adventures in Australia, Malta, Palestine, Mexico and The Alps.

Sold out

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