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Ramp #55 Fall 2021

Ramp #55 Fall 2021

Auto Kultur Magazin

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We find joy. In the North Germans. They are generally regarded as cold and unapproachable. Exuberance is a foreign word to them. The greeting behavior contributes to the consolidation of the first impression, for the North Germans an implied nod is sufficient. Particularly good-humored more

specimens let themselves be carried away to a »Moin». »Moin« means: Good morning. Good day. How are you? »Moin« always fits. And the only correct answer to »Moin« is »Moin«. Which brings us to this issue – and to the explanation for this introduction. On the one hand, we think it’s wonderful in itself – and then it also fits wonderfully into our time. As an alternative. It’s a way to conserve energy and resources. We are, as the band Element of Crime sings, (at least we feel) always under tension, always on the go and late for everything. Such a northern German mentality embodies the ideal of serenity. Non-action, keeping still, waiting. The better choice in many situations. There is a dry sense of humor for good measure. Things are taken deadly serious, but not entirely.

Sold out

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