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Pleasure Garden #5 S/S 2019

27,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

In issue #5 Pleasure Garden goes Au Naturel – uncovering a theme that has had shifting boundaries and conflicting definitions. Their Icon William Robinson was a man who sought to imagine a new, more ‘natural’ style of gardening. more

Jo Metson Scott photographs his legacy at Gravetye with words by Richard Bisgrove. Jonny Bruce takes them on a journey to three subversive gardens that liberated his thinking of what a garden could be. They also revisit Howards Sooley’s photographs of Derek Jarman and Dungeness and he shares memories of his friend in Mourned by the Wind. Concepts of beauty are bought under the spotlight with Against Nature by Bethan Cole, photographed by Drew Vickers, and A Vision of Beauty by Sarah Jane Downing. Last but not least Pleasure Garden takes a look at The Bush with artist Ruth van Beek and explore the idea of being naked in At One with Nature…


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