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Oh So #2 Summer 2019

Oh So #2 Summer 2019

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The growing establishment of Pro and Amateur female skaters are creating new space for themselves. Sky Brown may only be 10-years-old, but the pint-sized skateboarder, dancer and surfer has ambitions beyond her tender years. It’s her outlook on the world that makes you think change (in all aspects of the word) is possible. more

I its 2nd issue Oh So has exclusive interviews with Bryce Wettstein, Keet Oldenbeuving, Rayssa Leal and Lore Bruggeman who are an example of just a few of the girls in the issue that have a passion which fuels inspiring thought into where skateboarding might be heading—and they seem to be the most in touch with it’s progressive ethos. We also chat with Andrea Benitez who has already changed skateboarding in Spain for the better. Needless to say the Global Female Skateboarding Community continues to present us with talented and thoughtful individuals who care about progression being positive and all-inclusive—Skateboarding will be so much better for that.

Sold out

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